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A different kind of consultancy...

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Oakwood is a change consultancy offer training, mentoring and consultancy to mid-size companies, global corporates and the public sector, who need a trusted partner to deliver transformational change that meets their expectations and is the foundation for future improvements without breaking your people or telling you how to run your business.

We’re a different kind of consultancy that delivers simple, transparent and effective work, each and every time.

We do this in one of two ways:

We train, coach and mentor the current and next general of changemakers inside of The Changemaker Academy and through Change Consultancy projects.

To find out more, follow our Blog or get in touch. We don’t believe in the hard sell, but we do love conversations. If you’d like to chat, please Contact Us.

We are specialists in...


two green arrows circular  Change Management


green graph icon  Performance Improvement


green chart icon  Organisational Design


green magnifying glass  Resource Management


green chess icon  Strategic Development


green person icon  Customer Relationships


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green handshake icon  Integrating Acquisitions

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The Oakwood difference...


We Keep Things Simple  green jigsaw piece


We are Transparent  green eye


We are Effective  green speedometer icon 


We are Values Led  green diamond icon


We Solve Business Problems  green lightbulb


We are Specialists  person with ideas icon

Our Values

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Life’s too short to not enjoy what you do. We combine constant professionalism with good humour and fun to ensure our work is interesting and enjoyable whilst we deliver results.

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Our high-energy, positive approach creates effective collaborations, finds creative solutions and makes great things happen.

authentic business change and transformation


We believe in being ourselves and using our diverse experience and backgrounds in ways we feel best. We’re open, transparent and approachable.

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We listen, we learn, we are open to new and different perspectives. We work together to find answers and are not afraid to change direction if needed.

business change consulting trust


We do the right thing, not the easy thing. We will do what we say and deliver what we promise. You can rely on us.

We know your world

Oakwood combines personal experience with specialist knowledge and practical skills, to deliver sustainable change that is tailored to your specific needs. We have experience of, and expertise in, public, private and charity sectors. We have worked in and for these organisations, on global, national, regional and local projects, across 14 countries and 16 industry areas.

green cog  We have expertise in all aspects of business change


green tools  We are specialists in our field


green people  We understand a diverse range of sectors


green globe  We have global experience

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Our Blog

Find out more about us, our latest projects, industry news and thoughts
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Welcoming our new Executive Director of Business Growth Consulting



Julie Creffield is a business growth strategist with more than 25 years’ experience across a range of industries, sectors and niches, with a no-nonsense, creative approach to building, developing and scaling mission led ventures.

Starting her career as a drama practitioner in the late 1990s, she worked in local communities across East London and the ever-changing landscape that is the Thames Gateway, developing a reputation as a trusted ally and crusader for equality. Her passion back then was using the arts as a catalyst for change, activating hard to reach groups to find creative solutions to the complex challenges their communities were facing.

Julie would go on to work as a trainer, facilitator and management consultant for many public and voluntary sector bodies, and for 8 years specifically on the London 2012 Olympics, supporting volunteer policy development, and helping local authorities to leverage the sporting and cultural opportunities the games presented.

For more than 20 years Julie has been supporting solopreneurs and mission led business owners, offering practical skills in time management, leadership and marketing. In 2013 after a string of redundancies, and shortly after her daughter Rose was born, Julie made the decision to turn a fitness blog she had been writing as a hobby into her own micro business…even though many of the business advisors she sought support from said it would never work.

Her blog has now been read by more than 10 million women worldwide, and has activated more than 20,000 women through her online programmes. Julie has been featured in the mainstream media in the UK, and in more than 50 countries, often talking about the fear of judgement, and inequality in sport. Author of 12 books, and international keynote speaker Julie has travelled the world running marathons, climbing mountains, and swimming across oceans.

Julie has a fundamental belief that no matter your starting point in life you can do great things if you have the right people around you, and through her most recent work as an online business coach she supported more than 3000 clients during the 2020 covid lockdowns, helping micro business and larger companies alike to pivot, to profit, and to find renewed purpose through their work.

She is excited to be taking on a new role as Executive Director of Business Growth Consulting at Oakwood Management Consulting. She has known Emma Shenton CEO for more than 5 years, and has always been inspired and impressed with the ethos and fundamental methodologies of the company…she looks forward to continuing to fight for sustainable change and growth.

Business Growth Consulting



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