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We are a principles-led business

Many companies claim to be principles-led, and I am sure that most of them believe they are, but the truth is that for Oakwood putting principles at the centre of our business requires more than choosing some desirable characteristics and putting them on our website.

At Oakwood, we believe that three things have to be present for us to truly be principles-led; we need principles that define who we are and which differentiate us; we need to understand what those principles look like in practise and hold each other accountable for behaving that way; and we need to recruit people who naturally exhibit more of those principles and values.

Our principles are being Simple, Transparent and Effective and they govern everything we do. These collective principles define how we do work for our clients and differentiate us from our competition. We challenge everything we do to ensure that it meets those standards.

Why Oakwood...

I founded Oakwood because I believe that there is a fundamental need for a different kind of management consultancy in the UK. One that prioritises long-term sustainable growth over instant results, and enduring client relationships over maximising profit. Oakwood is that company, and by providing real solutions to business problems , we want to overturn all the negative perceptions there are about the limited value that people expect management consultancies to provide.

I know what it’s like to work with management consultancies having spent more than 17 years leading multi-million-pound procurement and transformational change programmes at some of the UK’s biggest companies.

Some management consultancies like to try and fit you into their model, and it doesn’t matter if you fit that model or not, they’re still going to squeeze you into it. I’ve seen what happens when a company experiences consultancy creep – one day you’ve got one consultant working for you, the next there are 50. I share how frustrating it is when you’re pitched to by the most senior partners in the team and then once you’ve signed on the dotted line, they provide you with inexperienced juniors and graduates.

At Oakwood, we don’t do any of that.

Starting Oakwood was for me like planting an acorn and hoping it grows into an ancient oak tree. I hope it will outlast my life. I want it to grow and develop in response to changing conditions and that every generation of its leaders can take it forward. I therefore view myself as a steward rather than the owner, something that influences my decision-making: unlike most modern businesses, which are focussed on monthly, quarterly or annual results, I prioritise Oakwood’s long-term survival and prosperity over quick wins.

About Emma Shenton

I am an experienced transformation programme director who has directed organisational design, process development, performance improvement, service redesign, digital transformation and supply chain optimisation programmes and has successfully directed global portfolios. I have worked across the engineering, construction, defence, aviation, healthcare and water industries, as well as most recently working with local government clients.


Change Management Consultant

When I am not running Oakwood...

Change Management Professional
Change Management Expert
Change Management Leadership
Change Management Experience

I love swimming, sailing and scuba (anything with water I am there!)

I play my French Horn in concert bands and orchestras, (and sing when no-ones listening!)

I am a competitive tennis player (but I would compete at anything… tiddlywinks maybe?)

I love spending time in the garden and with my friends and family


What People Say About Working With Emma

"Emma is an accomplished and knowledgeable professional with an enviable ability to find innovative solutions and to get projects done."- Ryan, Shoosmiths

“Emma is someone who you can give a difficult complex task and she delivers a great outcome! Great personality with a “can do” attitude linked with a thorough knowledge of what best practice looks like. A pleasure to work with!”- Larry, Heathrow

“Emma’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm stands out above the rest. Her subject matter expertise was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma, and would be delighted to work with her again should a suitable opportunity arise."- Allan, NHS Foundation Trust

“Emma has the rare knack of really getting your support and respect whilst being truly likeable and fun to be around. I loved working with Emma and would highly recommend her to anyone.”- Tracey, Thomas Cook

“Emma works tirelessly to achieve the overall transformation goals. I have been impressed with her vision, she really does see the bigger picture and I have found her dependable and trustworthy on all occasions. It has been a pleasure working with her and everyone I have spoken to says the same.”- Jim, Jacobs

“Emma is focused, caring and detail-oriented with her support for the members of the programme and project teams. She creates a welcoming and supportive environment for others.”- Stuart, Jacobs

“Emma has strong, robust knowledge and experience of professional expertise in transformation solutions and service redesign. She delivers learning with an almost insatiable desire to share her knowledge and experience and so contribute to sustainable long-term solutions for the organisation. She is delightful to work with, has an enthusiastic attitude and embraces all the values and behaviours of an excellent professional.”- Jane, Bracknell Forest Council

The Transformation Team

Change Management Direction

The Turnaround Master

Is your programme derailing? This coach’s impartial eyes are focused on a step-by-step return to the right direction.

International Change Management

The Global Guru

Need a change around the world? From cultural complexities to complicated business time zones, there is nothing like first-hand international experience.

Change Management Success

The Workforce Guardian

Without the people, there is no true change. This coach encourages communication, engagement and integration to bring sustainable success.

Change Management Culture

The Cultural Mastermind

Need to change established ways of behaving? From role models to habit building this coach knows all the steps to cultural success

Change Management Customer Experience

The Customer Journeyman

Be the customer; Be the product or service. Fixing your customers experience changes everything for your company.

Change Management Future

The Process Cartographer

Mapping your future process helps you to keep focus on the practical future. This about doing the hard work to make other people's jobs easier.

Not sure which combination you need? With Oakwood, you can access all of these and many more.

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