4 People The Change Maker Programme Is Made For (+ How To Pay For It)

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Want to know exactly which aspect of the Change Maker Programme is right for where you’re at in your career? Today I’m breaking down exactly who the Programme is made for (and how to pay for it) so you can take the leaps forward in your career you want. 


1. The Experienced Project Manager

You’re working in a midsize company and have been asked to manage a change project, with the promise of career advancement if all goes well.

Your company doesn't have a transformation or change department and, while there are other project managers like you in the company, nobody else has successfully completed any change. 

You’re diligent and want to make sure you’re doing the best job you can, partly because this project has been pitched to you as an opportunity for your future and you want to show you’re up to the challenge.

You’ve heard about the Change Maker Programme and think a monthly subscription to the Community and Toolkit could work for you.

The Community is perfect to bounce ideas around and test out what will be really effective. And the Toolkit is ideal for all those areas where it's really a change management approach, rather than a project management approach, required.

You understand that these days we’re mostly living in a DIY career development world and even the best companies aren’t necessarily paying for the advancement programmes you'd like them to be. 

So how to pay for your monthly Change Maker membership?

Maybe you drive to work every day and park in a car park a little walk away from the office. On the walk to work you pick up a flat white.

The monthly Change Maker Community and Toolkit combined price will cost you £24.00 a month. 

Skip half of those fancy coffees and make one in the office kitchen instead, and you’ve got your membership. 

Monthly membership to the Change Maker Community and Toolkit is barely going to impact your lifestyle, you don’t have to ask your superiors to invest in your training, and you can feel really good about driving your own professional development. That’s what we call a win-win.


2. The Change Programme Manager 

Wooohoooo you’ve recently been promoted to a Change Programme Manager. Maybe this has been the focus of your development over the last six months and now you’re here (congrats!) so the pressure is on.

As well as a lot more responsibility, you’ve had a significant uplift in salary, and you want to make sure you’re successful from your very first day. 

You’re interested in joining the Change Maker Programme, and you want a combination of the Community and the Toolkit and some Mentoring, but just over the first few months while you work through the problematic change programme you’ve inherited.

How are you going to justify the investment?

You really want to shine in your new role from day one, so you know that paying out a lump sum from your lovely new pay rise is going to be worth it to hit the ground running. 

Investing £999 for The Change Maker Programme upfront will have massive long-term benefits for your career. 

Imagine what six months of mentoring in a brand new role will do for your confidence? 

That alone is worth this investment! But add into it lifetime membership for the Change Maker Toolkit and the Change Maker Community and suddenly a massive career step-up doesn’t seem so daunting.


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3. The Transformation Director

You’ve got a team of around 15 project managers, all of whom are relatively new to change and transformation and you know they’ll need additional support. 

You’re experienced and so understand the difference between running a normal project and running a change project. You look across your team and realise that they’re all going to need additional support to transition into change people as opposed to just project people.

Enter: The Change Maker Programme to solve this problem (and more) for you. 

I’ve had so many people contact me privately to ask about getting their whole team inside the Change Maker Community, with access to the Toolkit too, at a special price.

How are you going to finance training for your inexperienced team? 

There’s budget within your transformation department, and it makes sense to invest it into the Change Maker Toolkit and Community as a monthly membership fee for each member of the team.

That way, your team can get specific advice as they need it, plus access to a range of tools to help them transition into change. If this sounds like you, and you’re managing a team who need extra support, get in touch and let’s talk about a bespoke package.


4. The Project Administrator

You’re working within a large change and transformation team and want to progress to project manager, but struggle to make the transition in the eyes of your colleagues. 

You already have a set of in-house tools so the Change Maker Toolkit isn’t right for you, but you really want to access the best practice case studies to gain a better understanding of the lessons learned. 

You lack confidence about whether you could successfully make the transition from being a project administrator to a change manager, and think real-world case studies would help you become more credible in your team.

You need the Change Maker Community so you can understand and absorb knowledge from the other members of the programme and also learn from the best practice experts coming in every month.

How do you pay for this confidence and credibility booster?

Access to the Change Maker Community is only £19.00 a month so it makes sense to invest out of your own paycheck. That way, you don’t need to get sign-off from your boss, and you can walk into work armed with a whole load of new knowledge to impress them instead. 

£19 a month isn’t much to invest in your career, especially if it transpires that you only need a few months inside the Programme to see results. 

As your confidence builds and you start to take investing in your development more seriously, you may decide to upgrade to some one-off mentoring sessions. This is a great option when you know you need to change your language from that of someone administering processes within the change projects, to someone leading it. 

A £19 a month investment to the Change Maker Community is a great jumping-off point to give you the skills and confidence to start taking bigger leaps in your career.


These are just four examples of the people who can really benefit from accessing the 3 core aspects of the Change Maker Programme. If you need advice and guidance on which part of the Change Maker Programme is best suited to you, drop me a DM and let’s jump on a quick call to go through your circumstances and options.


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