Business Change Doesn’t Have to Be So Painful

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Great times of change make great Change Makers. Find out why opportunities for ambitious Change Makers to have massive influence in how businesses operate are huge right now + how to make change so much easier (and less painful) for everyone.


Do you want to make change in your business or industry but aren’t sure how to do it?

Are you struggling with senior leaders who don’t see the purpose in change management?

Do you feel you lack the personal credibility to make big business change? 

Do you try to do all the things and lose focus?

Are you craving a network who can support you to find answers to big problems and reach your career ambitions?


These are the major issues Change Makers at all levels of business are coming to me with now - and I always tell them the same thing...


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Business change can be a whole lot easier 

There is a simpler and more effective way to deliver business change, one we support you to both learn and implement inside The Change Maker Academy

The problem: Business change is so much harder when you have to prove your credibility for every project (not only to new employers or clients but to yourself). 

The solution: The truth is that when you have the right support, change becomes easier. You’re able to take on bigger challenges at work and have more impact, or a better work-life balance by taking your time and energy back.

The problem: Convincing clients / employers to trust your own methodologies and tools while not being totally certain that they represent best practice is a waste of time and energy. 

The solution: With proven tools to deliver successful and sustainable change on a regular basis, you gain massive confidence (and a superpower in the market).

The problem: I see so many potentially great Change Makers make the same mistake of thinking they have to reinvent the wheel for every single business change, spending more time working ON the change than IN the change.

The solution: When you have a suite of tools to choose from and a supportive network to help you implement them, you can spend more time with the people impacted by change, leading to far better results.


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Everything you need to become a Change Maker in your business or industry

If you want to step up and be seen as a leader of change rather than a manager of it...

If you’re a small business owner who needs new opportunities and income streams...

If you think there’s change coming in your company and want to minimise redundancies, navigate massive global shifts and manage changes optimally…

The Change Maker Academy will help you.


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By joining, you’ll have access to six modules covering different aspects of business change. For each one we identify the must-do minimums and easy-win extras that will make a huge difference in your career, job or business today. 

Learn what’s most important and exactly how to deliver change for a happy boss, happy team, happy outcomes - even when other people are trying to derail you.

Want to know if this is right for you? These are the questions I’m being asked about Change Maker Academy by other people interested in joining:


What size business will this work for?

The solutions I offer are scalable for any size of business or industry. Whether you work in a massive global company or have a tiny team making a big impact, The Change Maker Academy is useful for change makers working on every size of business change. 

Most change management methodologies are based purely on theory, and application can be big and unwieldy. In The Change Maker Academy, we never over-engineer the solution - saving you massive amounts of time and energy. 


How much time is this going to take?

Through a combination of pre-recorded video and live knowledge training you can go through in your own time and the programme will fit into your actual life - whether you’ve been made redundant and have loads of time, or are juggling home and work - this is made to be practical and doable. There are also consolidation weeks to help you catch up if you fall behind.


How is this going to help my career/job/organisation right now?

This isn’t another online course where you’re left alone to get on with it; each small group has  Q+A calls with me each week, and live case study spotlights to dig into how to practically apply concepts to real life situations. No one is left behind in the Academy, because learning is tailored to what you need to understand for your unique circumstances.

The Change Maker Academy is not a one-size-fits all solution, and is flexible enough to suit you whatever your career stage or circumstances. I’ll make sure you become a highly in-demand Change Maker.


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The time to make business change happen is now

The global economic situation has opportunities for change today. Organisations are restructuring, customers’ needs have radically changed and many leaders are uncertain how to deliver changes. 

With the right support, tools and methodologies, you can be the person who makes the difference to your industry. Join other ambitious Change Makers inside the Change Maker Academy and give your career the boost it needs. 

  • Do you believe you’re a change maker and want to make a massive difference?
  • Are you ready to make a huge impact in the world?
  • Do you want to supercharge your career?

Then don’t ignore the call and join The Change Maker Academy before the doors close and you miss the opportunity to be on the front-line of business change in your industry.


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