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How One Mentee Grew Their Impact and Income In 6 Months With This Perspective Shift

career change maker growth leadership news solutions strategy successful change Jul 30, 2020
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If you work in business change and want solutions that actually work, but are sceptical about whether the combination of mentoring, methodologies and networking on offer inside The Change Maker Academy will work for you, take a look at my latest blog.


I love using my 15 years experience working in change and transformation to mentor other Change Makers to make massive strides with their business change projects, and careers. 

Strides like moving into much more senior roles after years of career stagnation.

Or getting those ‘aha’ moments and finally seeing how to take an overly complicated, cumbersome (and failing) project to success.

Or moving from one very specific aspect of change management to becoming a true leader of change.

Now I’m bringing everything I know about change management at the practitioner level to my programme, The Change Maker Academy

If you’re sceptical that my approach could work for you, take a look at how one of my mentees took huge leaps in their career thanks to a crucial perspective shift.

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How switching your focus from projects to people will boost your impact (and income)

Tony came to me because he was stuck. Already a successful transformation project manager, he was getting accolades all over the place for his brilliant stakeholder management. 

The problem was that his projects weren’t delivering the impact he wanted, and definitely not enough to help him move into a bigger role.

I was doing a fairly short term piece of work with his organisation, helping bring my change management methodologies to their project management focussed transformation group.  

Tony approached me and asked whether he could have some individual sessions. I’m a big believer that when people ask for help, the answer should rarely be no (and if you really can’t help personally, to find someone who can).


How Mentoring Helped Tony Move From Project Manager to Programme Manager in Six Months

Through a combination of mentoring and training in my methodologies, Tony quickly began to see how his focus on deliverables was impeding his project’s ability to make real impact. 

Change that has real impact is about people, not projects.

As Tony learned my approach to change management, he began to see transformation in a different way.

He understood that delivering output wasn’t where meaningful change would happen. As a result of this perspective shift, he was trusted with more responsibility.


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As his impact grew, so too did his remit. Soon he was able to move from project management to programme management and is ready now to become portfolio manager.

I was able to advise Tony because, after 15 years in change and transformation, there’s rarely a problem I don’t have the instincts (and tangible examples!) to help solve.


Takeaways If You Want More Impact (and Income):

  • Fast-track your impact by cutting-out unnecessary experimentation 
  • Get access to a suite of tools and methodologies you can pick and choose from
  • Don’t be too overly focussed on outputs
  • Hone your instincts by exposing yourself to lots of change projects

All of this and so much more is on offer inside The Change Maker Academy

You’ll move from frustrated project manager to making a massive impact in your organisation, by adopting new perspectives, methodologies and attitudes to change.

When Tony comes to me with a change management problem these days, he’s usually only a few steps away from the best answer. Why? Because by learning from an expert who has been where he has, he was able to develop razor-sharp instincts.

That’s the thing about being a mentee of mine, or a graduate of one of my courses - I’ll forever be in your network and always there to help you. 

With the Change Maker Academy, no one is left behind; If you show up and do the work, you too can make huge strides in your impact and career.


Considering joining The Change Maker Academy?


The Change Maker Academy Logo Emma Shenton Change Management


You might be thinking you don't have the time for this.

We've made it super flexible so that you can fit it into your day at any time. The videos are bite size so if you only have 30 minutes to spare, you can easily complete a couple of sections.


You might be thinking you don't need this because you've already been on a change management course.

Well, you've never been taught what's inside The Change Maker Academy. Most courses are based on theory, but this is based on live, practical experience from big change maker projects headed up by me.


You might think you can't afford to invest in this.

I would ask if you can afford NOT to invest in this. The right change management is needed right now, and this program equips you for the surge of projects over the next few years. We've also made it super accessible by offering a 6 month payment plan.


This is really a no-brainer solution to your business change problems.

If you want to be part of a tribe of Change Makers...

If you want to make business change successful and sustainable...

If you want to never worry about where the next job is coming from... 

Then join Change Maker Academy before the doors close and you miss the opportunity to be on the front-line of business change in your industry. Join now:


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