In Business, You Simply Cannot Do It Alone

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I don’t know how many people know this outside close friends and family, but I absolutely adore Musical Theatre… not performing it, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but watching it, listening to songs from it and even hunting down touring performances of my favourite shows. It is a long-term love of mine, which I get quite a bit of stick about but mostly I am proud of my Musicals geekiness.


Anyway, there is song in the musical Chicago that is correctly titled “I can’t do it alone” and the intro to it has the narrator (who is the piano player for fellow musical geeks) saying… “Miss Velma Kelly in an act of desperation”, and Velma (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie version) goes on to persuade, cajole and ultimately beg Roxie to help her. Now it doesn’t help her cause that she has spent the previous scenes telling Roxie to get lost but essentially, she is genuinely desperate for someone to get her out of her predicament and as she says in the last line… she simply cannot do it alone.

Well business feels like that. Not all the time. Sometimes (in the good times) business feels like there are all the companies offering all the help you need (and some help you don’t) and you flutter around like a bumble bee sampling their nectar but sometimes, in the not so good times, when the fear is real and the future is less certain than you would like, then you look around for support and suddenly no-one is there. And at that moment you can feel like you are doing a Velma Kelly and begging for support and help because it feels like begging for help is all you have left.

From an energetic point of view that energy of desperation is a real turn off and might explain why loads of companies who could help do a diagnostic to see the extent to which you need their help, and ironically if you really need it, they are mostly uninterested. Maybe it is because it raises the stakes for them, or possibly because they think you’ve left it too late to ask for help but the reality is that you are more likely to getting accepted for help you want, but don’t need, rather than getting accepted for it when you really need it.

However, you shouldn’t feel alone. Every single company needs help. Every company needs skills they don’t have and there are always things people don’t understand just because they haven’t yet gone through the process of acquiring that knowledge. So more than anything you need to know what you need help to do, where the gaps in your KUSA (Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Attitudes) are and who can help you plug them.

As hopefully a little bit of inspiration, here are three common things companies need a hand with and in the spirit of reaching out a hand to anyone who is impacted by those issues, I have also mentioned how we can help fix those…


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1. You might need to change your business

Businesses change all the time: they add services, they stop services, they look at new markets and they expand their skills base. However, in order to shortcut the learning curve on a change project, it can be helpful to work with Business Change consultants who will work with you to co-create your solutions, will facilitate the implementation of the change and who will ensure that you maximise the benefits you get off every single change project.

We are a different kind of business change consultancy focused on co-creation, facilitation and collaboration, not in telling you what to do (although if you need ideas contributed, we have a mountain of them)


2. You might want to grow your business

It is an illusion that businesses don’t grow in recessions. In fact, some of the best businesses now have their origins in a recession which forced them to look differently at their business. It can encourage innovation, bold action and collaboration but it is incredibly hard to grow as quickly as you can without support. It is a bit like watching a racing driver, everyone who can drive feels they understand but no-one gets what is needed to do it safely at that speed.

We are a different kind of business growth consultancy focussed on successful, stable, sustainable growth for every company every time. We maximise your opportunity to grow your company to where you dreamed of it being without taking unnecessary risks which put your company in danger.


3. You might want help operating your business

Nobody much tells you that you might not love every part of your business. There is an illusion that to be a great business owner you love all departments equally. However, the reality is that you may not have the capability, capacity or motivation to do it all and you may not have found/ be ready to have a full time staff member do it either. Even really established businesses sometimes need help running things. Temporary help can give you capacity to take on a new strategy, scale your business or give you a new perspective in a key area.

We are a different kind of business operations consultancy focussed on stepping into your business when you need us; when you have a temporary need, when times are hard and you need more expertise to turn it around, when you have an idea for a company that you want to own but don’t want to run. We deliver for you, as you… no-one will know we aren’t any other member of your team, in a sense we are your flexible business resource, and we are always on your side.


The illusion that people who ask for help are weaker has long been marked as rubbish in a personal sense but still the illusion is maintained for businesses and it is equally untrue. Regardless of who you ask for help, my request is that you reach out when you need it, and if you are not sure whose help you need just reach out to us for a chat. We can you point you in the right direction, and unlike some consultancies who think they are the answer to everything, we know we are not. We are focussed on just our three areas, but we have a great network of collaborators and if we think one of our competitors would be a better fit for you, we will recommend them. We are interested in your continued success, there are enough clients to go around and we will do only what is right for you… we really are a different kind of consultancy.

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