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True change makers dream of leaving a legacy of successful and sustainable change in their client’s businesses but can sometimes feel they’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle. My latest blog will show you why creating real impact means you’ll never have to worry about job security.


How To Create Massive Impact For Your Clients + Leave A Lasting Legacy

First I want to make one thing very clear: You do not create impact unless you can deliver success and sustainable change. And without impact, you leave no legacy.

If you rely on smoke and mirrors to make change appear successful, believe me, you have made no impact. Just because someone has declared a change project a success, doesn't mean it is.

The truth is that change and transformation is hard, and people have been doing it badly for such a long time that some organisations are understandably a bit sick of it. 

But creating massive positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy is possible; crack this code and your skills will be so valuable that you’ll never have to worry about making money.


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Why going for the money won’t work

Right now there are people jumping on the change bandwagon because so much of it is happening in organisations around the world. But change is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and if they are driven by shallow motives, they won’t last long. 

Change is fundamentally really bloody hard. You spend a lot of time working out why your credible plan isn’t working and so you have to be motivated by something bigger


Real change makers are motivated by solving problems and creating successful, sustainable change. 

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If you don’t truly care about creating a ripple effect, you’ll decide smoke and mirrors is enough and will just make it seem like your change has worked. You may get a pat on the back, but you won’t have made any real impact and your reputation will be tarnished.


The 3 Vital Ingredients For Making Massive Impact

1. Co-create solutions

For successful and sustainable change to happen, you have to create the best possible solution - and you simply can’t do that alone. You need different perspectives from people across the organisation, of all genders, races, classes, backgrounds - all of it.

With a diverse group of people in the room you can set about co-creating first an understanding of the problem, then what the solution is, and finally how to implement it. 

2. Iterate and Improve

However well you co-create the solution together, you’re unlikely to be successful if you implement and assume it’ll be fine. 

Impact comes from putting your solution in, then instead of declaring it a success and walking away, improving it until you get to truly successful and sustainable change.

3. Persistence 

Don’t give up or stop until you get real impact. If you don’t know how to measure the impact you want, you have to design it in at the beginning otherwise you have nothing to measure against. Success is getting that impact; there is no other measure of success. 


Impact = Legacy. Without legacy, there is no ripple


I’m unashamed to say I want to make a massive impact and leave a huge legacy. 

While I work with diverse groups of people and industries all over the world, I know I can only have a tiny legacy because there's only one of me. 

But if I can teach people my tools and methods and support them to also make a massive impact, then I can leave a legacy that far outstrips my individual work. 

That’s why I created The Change Maker Academy. If you want to find out how to deliver successful, sustainable change that has massive impact and leaves a lasting legacy, I will show you. Money doesn’t have to be a barrier to you reaching the next stage in your career so join the waitlist now.


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