Why Being Part Of A Change Community Is Vital For Success

business change professional change professional strategy transformation Sep 02, 2019
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Being a change professional can be lonely. How many of us, at any given time, feel alone, stressed, misunderstood, vulnerable, or sometimes even invisible? This week’s blog dives into this topic - and offers up the solution you’ve been waiting for.


As a Change Pro, it’s impossible to do your best work in isolation

By the very nature of what we do as change and transformation professionals, we separate ourselves. Not intentionally, and we rarely want to. But we separate ourselves from the business we are trying to change. Partly it's us separating ourselves, and partly people in the business separate us. They see us differently and as the people who are doing this change to them.

Change is an inherently stressful, isolating business.

On top of that, there's the pressure for success. After all, most companies don’t change willingly; they change because they have to. And that means change has to be successful, which is incredibly pressuring. 

There are a number of things we can do to change this dynamic, by being more facilitators of change and less the directors of it, for one thing.

But hands down the most effective way of combating isolation and supercharging your results along the way is to join an active change community.


Finding A Place To Thrive

  • A place without judgement, where you can bring things that go really well and things that aren't going so well. 
  • A place for support and understanding, where you can rely on the other members of the community to listen and empathise.
  • A place to be motivated and inspired, that enables you to innovate in different ways on your own change projects and learn from change professionals working in different kinds of change. 
  • A place to get feedback on ideas and test your innovations; an understanding place, but not an unthinking, blindly positive place.

This - and more - all exists within the Change Maker Community I am creating. It’s a place for ambitious pioneers working in change and transformation who want to do things differently. 

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The Power Of The Collective Mind

Not a day goes by without more research coming out about the power of evolved communities to get stuff done and rise to the next level. It’s simple really: to be the most successful you can be (in any area of life or business) you have to surround yourself with people who get it.

This is how The Change Maker Community will add to your success:

  • In the Change Maker Community, if people don't think what you're doing makes sense and there's a way to make it better, they’ll suggest it. This is absolutely a space for co-creating for the greater good. This is important and exciting work for those who want to be at the forefront and really make a name for themselves. 
  • The Change Maker Community gives you a space to discuss progress and lessons. We’ll help you have a productive failure, and use something that hasn't worked to gain understanding and increase the chances of getting it right next time.
  • The Change Maker Community gives you a space to learn the lessons of what's gone right too. Because if you don't understand why something has been successful, it becomes a fluke that you can’t repeat.
  • Sometimes, you just don't know where to go with something. You have a problem and you think about it and all you come up with is a blank. Or you come up with ideas that you know won't work and you struggle to pin down the one thing that will break apart this idea. That's when the community becomes incredibly powerful for you. The power of the collective mind is that we all have slightly different takes on things, and we can look at problems and give ourselves better combined solutions by working on it together. 


You can find all of this and more inside The Change Maker Community, where all change professionals at any level are welcome. Maybe you want to join as an individual , or maybe you’re a manager and you want your whole team to join. Whatever your needs, send me a DM and let’s chat. Plus find all the details of the full Change Maker Programme here.


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