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I don’t think it will surprise any regular readers of this blog to know that Business Change changed my life, and I don’t just mean my professional life because when we start to see opportunities for change everywhere, then it doesn't stop because we’ve switched off our computer for the day.


But, at least for today, it isn’t that metaphorical jump into business change feet first that I am advocating, because the part that made the most difference for me started before I jumped into change as a career, it was the change skills that made the most difference for me and can for you to.

Broadly speaking there are three groups of people who get involved in change:

  • the Change Practitioners who might be internal or external to the company but who facilitate, organise and generally shepherd any change through its development and delivery
  • the Change Leaders who are commissioning the change and providing the senior stakeholder leadership for it, and normally the accompanying ton of context which allows the change to be effective in the company it is being implemented in
  • the Change Innovators who are people working in the company, identifying opportunities for change, implementing continuous improvement changes and helping to assist when larger transformational change is delivered into their area of the business

There are change skills required across all of these groups but I want to highlight the Change Innovators today. You may not know that you are one of these people because there isn’t a badge to identify them with but they exist inside every organisation, working away under the radar and at every level of the business. And what is even better than that is that anyone can become one of this group, from wherever you are in your career at the moment.

So how will change skills help you in a really tangible way…


time for change in scrabble letters


What if you are thinking about changing your role soon or hoping for a promotion?

Prioritizing change skills on your CV could give you the competitive edge that gets you through to the next stage of the process for your next job because remember taking on a new member of staff is expensive, and at times disruptive, meaning companies are investing in more resources to ensure they make the right decision....and a candidate that has the skills and attitude to see a company through the changes that inevitably are just around the corner, can only be a good thing.


What if you have no immediate thoughts of moving job?

If you know a lot about your industry and you are passionate about its success, change skills mean that you can help it improve with your new skills, even if you are staying put for now. It is an amazing feeling to give back to help an industry or company you love during troubled times.


And what if you have moved around a lot, and plan to continue to?

If you have moved between industries or around different companies looking for challenges and adventure then change skills are perfect because the large challenges come to you, and it is your job to ensure they are solved. You don’t need to be a sector expert (or stay in the same place for too long) to deliver great change and you can move sectors and even countries at the end of each change project.


And finally...

If you are a great leader or manager but don’t feel like you have up to date technical skills to make a difference in your work (or maybe you are just a bit tired) then business change is a technical skills base that absolutely builds on everything you are already great at and you supercharge your leadership and management in the process.

So how is your CV currently looking from a change skills perspective, and is it time for a bit of a refresh?


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