How Mentoring Solves These 5 Common Problems for Change Professionals business change management change and transformation strategy Aug 10, 2019
As someone working in change and transformation, it’s inevitable you’ll run into challenges at one point or another - either in your current change project, or with your career...
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5 Reasons You Need To Lead Change, Not Just Manage It business change change and transformation leading change strategy transformation Aug 07, 2019
As a Change and Transformation Consultant, I see so many people making this one simple mistake: thinking their grand, exciting plans are just a case of good management. They’re not....
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3 HUGE Reasons You Need Future Visioning For Your Change Project change projects successful change transformation Jun 17, 2019
If you want to get your change project off to a good start (and keep it that way), there’s one huge - and often overlooked - piece of the puzzle you might be missing. I took to video...
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What Makes a Good Transformation Manager? change manager change projects successful change transformation Mar 21, 2019
Many change programmes fail to deliver a successful and sustainable outcome due to unrealistic expectations, a top-down “just do it” approach and a solution that can’t...
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Five Reasons Why it’s Really Difficult to be a Transformation Director Right Now change directors transformation Mar 08, 2019
I love working in transformational change. Supporting long-term sustainable business growth by bringing teams together to work differently is as rewarding as it is challenging.



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Why Making Your Transformations Simple, Transparent and Effective is Harder Than it Sounds business change change and transformation culture Feb 20, 2019
In a world that is ever more complex and disruptive, change management needs to be simple, transparent and effective if it’s to deliver the desired affect and provide value for money.
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