Why Business Change is the PERFECT Next Career… about business change business change professional career individual Dec 10, 2020
Most people who know me, totally understand that I am passionate about business change. They know that my eyes light up when I am solving business problems, and that I get that focussed...
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Join My Mission To Take The Ego Out Of Change Management about business change culture leadership mindset news strategy Oct 14, 2020
In the UK alone we waste £130 billion a year on failed change projects. What else could we fix in our broken, embattled world with that money? This is my very personal story (that...
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“I told you 6 months ago this was the wrong approach and you just proved it” about business change professional business change skills career change and transformation change maker leadership news strategy Jul 24, 2020
The last words you want to hear from the CEO of a huge global corporation as you sit in a Mumbai hotel lobby, hot and exhausted, after delivering a three day workshop. Through all the job...
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I Was In Change Management For Years And Didn’t Know It (+ Why You Might Be Too) about career change maker change professional leadership transformation Jul 17, 2020
If you’ve struggled to know your purpose, find your niche or if you feel like you’ve bounced around in your career, my latest blog is for you. Discover if you’ve been a...
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Welcome to Oakwood about business change management change and transformation oakwood management consulting May 28, 2018

I founded Oakwood because believed that there is a fundamental need for a different kind of management consultancy in the UK. Oakwood Management Consulting was formed to fill that need.

We provide...

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