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Why Change Skills Enhance Anyone's CV business change professional business change skills career change and transformation impact Sep 06, 2022
I don’t think it will surprise any regular readers of this blog to know that Business Change changed my life, and I don’t just mean my professional life because when we start to...
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Is Change Resistance a Myth or Does it Really Exist? business change management change and transformation change projects culture engagement mindset solutions Jul 14, 2022
Let me be clear from the start, on the issue of Change Resistance, I am a sceptic.
I am not sure Change Resistance does exist. I hear a lot about it, but I have been directly involved in a...
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“I told you 6 months ago this was the wrong approach and you just proved it” about business change professional business change skills career change and transformation change maker leadership news strategy Jul 24, 2020
The last words you want to hear from the CEO of a huge global corporation as you sit in a Mumbai hotel lobby, hot and exhausted, after delivering a three day workshop. Through all the job...
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In A World Facing So Many Problems, Stay In Your Lane If You Want To Make Real Change business change management business change professional business change skills career change and transformation strategy transformation Jun 15, 2020
With the world facing so many huge problems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, scared and exhausted at the thought of solving them. Here are 3 essential steps for change makers on how to...
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Why Managing The Upcoming Changes The Right Way Is Vital business change management change change and transformation leadership leading change news strategy successful change May 01, 2020
Leaders have an opportunity to manage the transition into the new normal in a way that brings a motivated team along with them. Get it wrong, and change fatigue sets in. Here are the 5...
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Top 10 Traits To Look For In A Mentor business change professional change and transformation change makers mentor transformation Sep 16, 2019
Careers in change and transformation can be challenging and even a little lonely at times, which is why working with a good mentor can be so transformative. But how to decide who to choose?...
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