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Why Adding the Word Relationship Makes All the Difference to Stakeholder Management business change management business change skills change projects leading change stakeholders successful change Aug 24, 2022
I don’t believe in Stakeholder Management”. I remember vividly the sponsor saying this to me with as little prelude in as if he was asking for milk in his coffee. I fact...
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Is Change Resistance a Myth or Does it Really Exist? business change management change and transformation change projects culture engagement mindset solutions Jul 14, 2022
Let me be clear from the start, on the issue of Change Resistance, I am a sceptic.
I am not sure Change Resistance does exist. I hear a lot about it, but I have been directly involved in a...
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The Most Exciting Business Changes Happening Now business change change change projects leading change news strategy transformation Sep 08, 2020
There’s nothing like a crisis for focusing on solutions we said we’d get to “one day” - here are five of the most exciting changes I’m seeing businesses making...
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New Change Project Hitting Problems? business change professional business change skills career change projects leadership mindset tips Sep 02, 2020
To create successful and sustainable change, you will inevitably have lots of failures first. When the first bumps in the road appear on the new change project you’re desperate to...
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5 Ways To Save More Money On Your Change Project benefits business change professional change projects save money strategy successful change transformation Dec 01, 2019
Trying to make a particular savings target but no idea how to reach it with your current project? Then you need my 5 benefit boosters to help you review your existing benefits realisation...
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5 Steps To Speed Up A Change Project Stuck In The Slow Lane business change management change projects strategy successful change transformation Nov 04, 2019
Are you dealing with a change or transformation project that’s on a go-slow? If you’re under pressure to speed things up, this week’s blog is for you. In it I share my...
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