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We recognise that delivering successful, sustainable and self-sufficient change is really hard and seemingly complex work. We believe in making everything simple, transparent and effective so we have created an integrated suite of programmes designed to give you everything you need to become one of the Change Makers of tomorrow. These are not just more online courses. They are 100% supported programmes of insight, development, education and feedback.

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  Is a one stop shop for increasing your knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of change and transformation

  Has a practical focus by sharing with participants proven tools and methodologies with included licences to utilise these with your employer and clients

  Recognises the importance of the mindset of change with themes in all our courses about attitudes required to be truly successful

  Provides free lifetime access to an alumni network of other Change Makers around the world plus guest experts to share new perspectives and encourage continual growth

 Publishes a searchable list of Change Makers to help companies who are looking for new staff, contractors or consultants

  Understands that there are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made so every programme graduate gets access to an alumni group which regularly shares insight and improvement ideas

  Provides access to a global network of guest experts from many different industries and backgrounds making it the perfect melting pot to help solve more complex problems

There are three levels of programmes in The Change Maker Academy™




Programmes available now:

Change Management

Practioner Level

Duration - 10 weeks

How to ensure every business change is successful and sustainable every single time

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Introductory Level

The Ideas Incubator

How to create and develop solutions that solve big problems

Business Process Improvement

How to improve process efficiency and remove single points of failure

Customer Journey Mapping

How to improving your customers experience of your products and services

Practitioner Level

Service Redesign

How to focus departments, directorates and divisions on the services their customers love, including designing the shape and size of the organisation required to deliver those services

Trauma Free Restructures

Once you know your organisational shape and size, how do you implement a restructure without traumatising your existing team and losing all your best performers

Transformation Delivery

How to amend project management principles to optimise the impact from your business change

Leadership Level

Transformation Leadership

Programme and Portfolio Management of Business Change Initiatives. Optimising returns while balancing risk and resources.

Leading Change Management (for Senior Leaders)

The Change Management programme with a focus on the leadership required

Acquisition Integration

How to integrate new companies / divisions into existing business without creating factions or silos

Programme Delivery Method:

All programmes are delivered online with a mix of pre-recorded resources and live teaching sessions to allow for the programme to fit around existing work and family commitments. The pre-recorded content is hosted in Kajabi, with the live teaching taking place on Zoom calls which is also recorded to allow for repeat and catch up viewing.

Participants are grouped into cohorts of between 10-15 participants which will allow for mutual support and group learning during the programme. Each of these cohorts is hosted in a pop up Facebook group. These Facebook groups are fully facilitated and supported by a Community Manager in addition to the Programme Leader.

There is no exam at the conclusion of these programmes, instead there is a continual assessment of your case study which is submitted for approval at the end of the programme.

Successful completion of the programme provides a lifetime licence to use the methodologies and tools taught in the programme and any updates or improvements to these which are developed for that programme.

If your case study does not demonstrate a practitioner level mastery of the concepts, methodologies and tools used in the programme you will be invited for either a free intensive one to one catch up session with the Programme Leader or a free place in a future cohort of the same programme. Everyone learns at a different pace and if you show up and do the work we will work with you to ensure that you are ultimately successful.

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