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Our Simple Services model below builds up six key aspects which are the fundamentals that every business needs to address. These are organised so that each layer builds on the one before, starting at the lowest level at which your company has an issue. For example lots of companies will automatically look for efficiency savings without considering other holistic business issues. If as a result there is a need for change across a number of areas we can help you build a transformation programme to work through a number of different levels in parallel without losing momentum.

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Customer Journey

Thoroughly understanding how the customer experiences a company is vital to any business.

We implement a variety of customer journey communication methods so you can understand what the customers really want, how your customers really experience your products / services, and what enhancements your customers really see as adding value.

Not only does this service put two way communication at the centre of your business, it has been proven to significantly drive up sales.

Sales & Marketing

Creativity, originality and uniqueness are key in building awareness of your products and services but also in successfully closing the deal. We take a holistic approach and focus on using marginal gains to improve each element of the process. This allows your company to drive very significant improvements in turnover and in the return on your sales and marketing investment.

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Cultural Definition

"Culture eats Strategy", which can mean that the culture of your organisation can either resist or support your strategic direction. We start by understanding the current corporate culture by speaking to your existing employees. We use those inputs to develop your corporate values, as well as your corporate vision and mission. Defining and communicating your culture will improve the morale of your staff and your employee alignment with your business goals.

Cultural Change

Cultural Change is one of the hardest and slowest elements to influence in any business but is the most rewarding because it acts as a catalyst for all other change. We start with the gap analysis from your current to your desired target culture. We then develop an engagement programme with all levels of your staff to transform your culture. Getting this right will influence every aspect of your business and make your company a truly great place to work.

Continuous Improvement

Learning from missed opportunities or from all feedback is a key sign of business maturity. Companies that can learn and adapt effectively have a far higher success rate. We establish processes to identify areas for improvement, implement methodologies to drive out inefficiencies and support you through the required change.



Deliberate Strategy Review

We systematically review all aspects of your business strategy, including your resource allocation of strategic initiatives to ensure that you are taking the best possible approach to getting the most out of your market. We don't leave it there; we then work with you to develop your tactical plans and the change programmes to implement these new strategies.

Emergent Strategy Evolution

We combine your companies emergent strategy, which maximises the opportunities provided by your business environment, with the deliberate strategies you are already committed to. We create a systematic process for capturing new emergent strategies and optimise your business planning cycle, whether it is the strategic 5 year plan or the annual business planning process.

Strategic Risk & Opportunities Management

Risk & Opportunities Management is vital in every corner of your company. Implementing a strategic risk and opportunities management process ensures that key strategic risks identified in any part of your business are seen at the highest level, while the tactical risks are dealt with in the relevant department. It is also vital for creating strong emergent strategies which are optimised by fully understanding the risks and opportunities of your competitive environment.



Role Based Organisation

A role based organisation will give you the flexibility in resource deployment to grow without inefficiency, to respond to strategic challenges and to create great financial rewards. We combine the implementation of a corporate competency framework and an optimised tier structure, which both removes inefficiency and creates flexibility.

Competency Framework

Implementing a corporate competency framework feeds into your performance management and into your staff learning & development. It creates non-traditional career paths and is a pre-requisite for a role based organisational model. It enables you to measure the capabilities of your staff in their current roles and enables you to maximise the value of your staff by giving you the flexibility to move them around your organisation. It will also raise your staff motivation and morale.

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Resource Balancing

We optimise your future demand and supply of staff. We demand model your resource requirements which enables you to recruit in advance for resources you know you will require. You can also adjust your recruitment timing for the performance dip to ensure no adverse effect to business as usual. This service includes strategies for managing short term peaks of workload without recruiting for additional permanent staff.

Project & Programme Management

Implementing industry standard project and programme management methodology can be a step change in performance. It can result in an increased efficiency of cost and time as well as increasing the probability of project success. This will also assist in learning and development as well as in the recruitment of new staff. We can also help you implement a Programme Management Office depending on the number of projects.



Staff Performance Management

One of the strongest successes in any company is the existence of robust, fair and transparent performance management processes. This will enable underperforming staff to improve, it will identify talent and will manage the learning and development so that everyone gets the training, coaching and mentoring that they need. Other benefits include improving staff morale and performance recognition whilst also maximising your investment in training.

Quality System Accreditation

Quality is a cycle which ensures you get predictable satisfactory results. A quality system keeps all the policies, processes and procedures which govern your business in one controlled place. You can get accreditations such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 for your quality system which adds credibility to your business and reassures your customers. We provide pragmatic support to both set up and accredit your quality system.

Operating Model Changes

How your business is structured is key to optimising your effectiveness of delivery and your financial efficiency. We implement “line of business” models to focus expertise in specific markets; “Matrix management” to create the combination of functional expertise and delivery focus; “Shared service” models allowing you to increase the efficiency of the support resources, as well as outsourcing and insourcing options to enable you to focus on the core competencies of your company.

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Process Automation

Automation improves performance by generating fast, repeatable results and also eliminates the need for bureaucratic checks and balances. This improves staff empowerment without reducing governance, and frees a tier of your workforce to focus on the business needs of innovation and strategic projects.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply chain is traditionally a key area to look for expenditure savings which will improve your gross margin. Often an optimised supply chain isn't about identifying the cheapest deal but is about innovation, building a partnering model and continuous improvement throughout the chain to deliver win-win outcomes. This will direct value into your supply chain rather than just draining costs out.

Organisation Right Sizing

Your organisation needs to be correctly sized for the current and future requirements. We build a demand model to determine the correct operational size for your company and incorporate modelling for future growth. Once the correct organisational size is established we manage voluntary redundancy, performance management and if necessary compulsory redundancies to reduce areas of inefficiency. We also manage the recruitment and redeployment activity to reshape your organisation. We ensure that the entire process is managed in a fair, transparent and respectful way.

Recruitment, Reward & Retention

We decrease the turnover of your employees by implementing a balanced series of reward and retention methodologies. In addition we ensure that recruitment is seen to be fair and transparent. This will improve the return on your recruitment costs by increasing your desirability as an employer and speeding up the recruitment cycle. We then optimise your on-boarding process to ensure that new staff can hit the ground running.

Acquisition Integration

When you are acquiring another company, forming collaborative partnerships or have won a new TUPE contract there is a significant challenge in process integration, cultural integration, financial optimisation and performance improvement. We will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you get the maximum value from your investment and create strong employee relations.

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Change Management

This is at the heart of everything that Oakwood does. We offer our change management services to any of your in-house projects. This comprises Stakeholder Management, Target Engagement, Change Coaching, Communications, Learning and Development, Training, Resistance Management and Operational Readiness. Change Management is the difference between the success or failure of any change project. We would not implement any change without robust change management and neither should you.

Health Check

We take a series of objective quantitative measures across our services and compare your business results with companies both inside and outside of your industry. In addition we will carry out targeted conversations with employees across your company to gain a truthful qualitative view of your company. We will produce a detailed report with our recommendations. This service becomes free should you acquire any additional services from our range (credited against your next invoice).

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Growth Alliance

If you have an opportunity which you feel may be out of reach, partner with us to simulate the immediate growth and transformation of your company. We will co-locate a number of dedicated expert team members throughout your business delivering substantial step change in your capabilities which will enable you to accomplish your ambitions.

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