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At Oakwood we want to change the way the world runs transformations, so that they are successful, they are sustainable and they are created by you self-sufficiently. There are loads of juicy ideas on just how to do that which we will share with you when you join.

In addition when we learn something by success or failure we are committed to sharing it totally transparently so you can learn from it too. This means that our case studies will be the most honest, and therefore the most useful that you will EVER have seen.

We want to share news with you both about us, our projects and about other members of the Oakwood family and how they are getting on.

Should you choose, you will also be on the list which gets all of our Beta offers and ultra early bird deals, at least 48 hours before we publicise them so if you like to pick up great deals and be at the front of the queue then sign up now.

In exchange for signing up we promise...

- We won’t bombard your inbox with emails… we hate that too! No more than one email a week

- We will provide value on every email… no thinly disguised sales pitches

- If we are selling something we will say so and give you the option to opt out of sales emails

- Everything we do is GDPR compliant therefore you can be sure we will never sell your details

- The Changing Times is all about how we do change and how we treat people undergoing change.

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If you want to talk to us about how we can help you with your transformation right now then book a free 30 min discovery call with Emma today

"Emma is an accomplished and knowledgeable professional with an enviable ability to find innovative solutions and to get projects done."


"Emma is someone who you can give a difficult complex task and she delivers a great outcome! Great personality with a “can do” attitude linked with a thorough knowledge of what best practice looks like. A pleasure to work with!"


"Emma’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm stands out above the rest. Her subject matter expertise was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma, and would be delighted to work with her again should a suitable opportunity arise."

NHS Foundation Trust

"Emma has the rare knack of really getting your support and respect whilst being truly likeable and fun to be around. I loved working with Emma and would highly recommend her to anyone."

Thomas Cook

"Emma has strong, robust knowledge and experience of professional expertise in transformation solutions and service redesign. She delivers learning with an almost insatiable desire to share her knowledge and experience and so contribute to sustainable long-term solutions for the organisation. She is delightful to work with, has an enthusiastic attitude and embraces all the values and behaviours of an excellent professional."

Bracknell Forest Council

"Emma works tirelessly to achieve the overall transformation goals. I have been impressed with her vision, she really does see the bigger picture and I have found her dependable and trustworthy on all occasions. It has been a pleasure working with her and everyone I have spoken to says the same."


"Emma is focused, caring and detail-oriented with her support for the members of the programme and project teams. She creates a welcoming and supportive environment for others."


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