In world that is ever more complex and disruptive, we know how important it is for you to be able to access straightforward business support that delivers value for money. That's why we have designed our services to be Simple, Transparent and Effective .

We work with you to identify what needs to be changed through the provision of successful business solutions. We use our skills, knowledge and experience to enable successful and sustainable implementation of change. We help or clients to become self-sufficient by upskilling them through training and coaching.

You can access Oakwood services either via our bespoke consultancy or via our online packages.

Virtual Services

Convenient and effective

These online services are designed to allow you to access our experience and expertise from wherever you are in the world without the need to host our consultants at your office.

Working in partnership with your in-house transformation team, we will review progress, provide expert opinion, upskill your team and help you to fix tricky problems so that you can optimise your change projects.

Change Management Alternative The Inside Job

The Inside Job is aimed at those organisations that have a change programme to deliver but which lack internal skills and experience and are reluctant to hire in expensive interim consultants. Through the provision of tools, templates, training, coaching and mentoring, it will take a nominated staff member and transform them into a skilled change professional.

There are very limited places in this pilot of the programme so speed is essential.

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The Deep Dive

Are you being held back by one big issue in your change project which you cannot seem to get past? Then The Deep Dive is for you. It is a 90 minute session which can be used for project health checks, engagement issues, benefits worries, schedule struggles or any other specific concern. We will work through your concern on a video conference and there is a week of email support to help you implement the solutions we discuss.

The Smart Start

If you don’t start a change project in the right way you can easily be behind at the beginning. The Smart Start unpicks the complex business of aligning scope, schedule and resources and stops you going round in circles with no-one having any idea why there is a project, what it is supposed to deliver and how it will do that.

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The Programme Tune-Up

Is the scope of your transformation programme constantly changing? Are stakeholder relationships patchy or performance momentum hard to maintain? Perhaps you are concerned with the interdependencies of the project or key resource scarcity?

All of these issues can make delivering the benefits of change a major headache. That's where this service comes in. Designed to fix problems experienced in a multi-project programme, it comprises three intensive individual sessions to help you get back on track within a month.

The Benefits Booster

Trying to make a particular savings target but no idea how you will reach it with your current project? Then you need The Benefits Booster. We review your existing benefits realisation plan and work with you to ensure savings are achievable and realistic, we increase the scope of the benefits you are looking at and also look to deliver you FASTER, SMARTER, MORE PREDICTABLY.

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The Change Speedometer

Is change happeneing as fast as you would like? Perhaps you are looking for ways to accelerate your project without causing disengagement among your user base? Equally, you may be under pressure to produce results faster than you believe is appropriate and are looking to avoid mistakes caused by rushing.

This service will provide expert scrutiny that will identify risks and opportunities to speed up or slow down your change project, and help you navigate these successfully. This services can be utilised as an individual review for a one-off issue or via a regular schedule of reviews.

The Engagement Engine

Nothing annoys your users and stakeholders more than being told or sold your change. The Engagement Engine will totally change how you see your users and stakeholders and bring them to the centre of the project, co-creating the change with you. Every piece of feedback with be useful and implementation will become the easiest not the hardest part of the journey.

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The Transformation Turnaround

Is your internal change project delivering the value you expected? Maybe you don't have the right level of in-house expertise to identify the root causes of your problems?

This package of services will see our team working intensively and collaboratively with yours to return your project to its successful delivery path. At its core is our commitment to help you deliver the business benefits you have promised, on time and to budget.


Tailor-made for you

Our experience shows that one-size does not fit all when it comes to change management. We also know that when seeking to resolve a problem in one area of the business, it can help to look within the whole organisation for clues as to why that issue may have arisen.

Our transformation consultancy services are thorough but flexible, working with you face-to-face to enable the right solutions to the right problems in the right way, without your business losing momentum in the day-to-day. You can find out more about our Consulting Services here

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