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Did you know that according to a 2020 survey by a leading UK change consultancy only 72% of organisations are obtaining the benefits they originally expected when they had completed the planning of their transformation project.

I know! It is a terrible statistic!

It isn’t making a comparison to the very beginning of a change initiative when there are rosy spectacles of all the amazing things that could be achieved by a particular change. That would be almost understandable. This comparison is with the expectations after the detailed solutions and implementation methods are planned, when benefits should be thoroughly understood and entirely realistic. The fact that for 72% of organisations those benefits are not being achieved is very disappointing.

And do you know what is even worse…

I am not surprised. If you are honest with yourself, you might find that you aren’t either.

So here at Oakwood we are on a mission to turn that experience round. We believe that every organisation should deliver change that is successful, sustainable and self-sufficient every single time.

We deliver successful, sustainable and self-sufficient change for our clients using our 5i Framework. They are Insight; Ideate; Implement; Internalize and Impact. There is no coincidence that our process ends at impact. Until our clients get the impact they expected from their change we are not done.

5i Framework

Each of our services is built on one or more of these fundamental steps and this golden thread travels through all of our transformation consulting and accredited training.

Who We Are

We are a values and principles led business. Being Simple, Transparent and Effective governs everything we do and our values are at the centre of who we are.

Find out more about our founder, Emma Shenton, and the varying change personalities of our other consultants as well as more details of our values and how we live the principles of being simple, transparent and effective.

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Our Expertise & Experience

We have global transformation experience having delivered projects all over the world. We have worked in sixteen different industries across the private and public sector and we have deep expertise in every aspect of business change and transformation.

Find out more detail about our expertise and experience.

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