The Inside Job™

A better alternative to hiring interim transformation and change staff

  • Do you have an existing change initiative lacking in skills and expertise?
  • Do you already believe that most change projects fail and that even successful change isn’t sustainable long term?
  • Are you worried that your transformation project won’t deliver the benefits you need?
  • Are you putting off starting a change programme because you are not sure how to begin?
  • Are you considering hiring external expertise because you don’t have the skills in-house?
  • Are you worried that new hires, contractors or consultants won’t understand your organisation enough?
  • Have you wasted time and money on previous change projects and you’re reluctant to do that again?


Would you like help solving your transformation problems in a way that helps your company do it better next time?

Are you a Transformation Director or a Chief Executive  looking for a better alternative to appointing an Interim Change Team?


Do you want a solution that makes your transformation both successful and sustainable?


Introducing …

The Inside Job™

This is a breakthrough solution to delivering successful, sustainable and self-sufficient corporate change. It is being offered by Oakwood Management Consulting, an experienced team of transformation professionals who have, both individually and together, successfully delivered change programmes in many industry sectors all over the world. 

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What is The Inside Job™

The Inside Job™ is a complete support-solution to deliver successful, sustainable and self-sufficient corporate change. We provide everything that is needed (methodologies, tools and templates, training, coaching and mentoring specifically on your project) to take your nominated staff member and transform them into a skilled transformation and change professional who benefits you in this and every future change project.

Every day, your nominated staff members will be supported based on their needs and that of the project so that your change programme has the best of both worlds: the skills and expertise to deliver successful change (provided by us) and the knowledge of your company and the context of the change (provided by your staff members).

As their confidence grows, we will further enhance their knowledge and skills through accredited training programmes and development coaching.

This bespoke mentoring will be provided through to the successful and sustainable completion of your change project ensuring that you have the best outcomes possible.

Once the project is concluded, your staff members will have proven abilities as a transformation project/ programme manager, and can successfully continue delivering change projects for your company long into the future.


Are you ready to change how you tackle change in your company?

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Value Exchange


What your team member gets from The Inside Job™:

Live Training
  • Over 25 transformation programmes for different parts of change, all specifically focussed on giving practical solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the transformation
  • Q&A within the training to help them apply the learning
  • Training videos available to review at any time
  • Additional Q&A to be answered throughout the course
24/7 Access to The Inside Job Hub
  • Methodologies
  • Tools and techniques
  • Tips and tricks
  • Monthly Masterclass videos
  • Feedback zone to submit regular and ad-hoc feedback
  • Rearrange your virtual calendar
  • Request a face-to-face day (additional charge applies)
1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • Highly experienced and diverse team of coaches with different perspectives on change
  • A lead coach is assigned based on the perspective you need now; the lead coach changes as your need changes
  • Weekly 1:1 virtual session every week
  • Specific cycle of virtual sessions incorporating:
    • coaching which is instantly applicable to your project,
    • personal mentoring through their learning,
    • monthly performance management of the project
  • The entire coaching team is available to answer Q&A every working day via the collaboration portal
  • Emergency virtual calls are available for when something is going wrong and they need help quick


Group Mastermind Days
  • Quarterly mastermind days with themes
  • Annual in person multi-day mastermind


What you give in exchange:


Your commitment:
  • Believe in the process and stay in the room; no hiding when it isn’t going well
  • Attend all virtual sessions; they are 1:1 so a no show is time wasted
  • Total transparency; all information provided must be complete and timely
  • Provide feedback to help us improve The Inside Job


Company commitment:
  • Keep your nominated staff in The Inside Job for the duration of the project/programme
  • Give honest feedback both whenever you want to and when we specifically request it
  • Work with Oakwood to improve The Inside Job


The cost:
  • £2,500 per nominated delegate per month for the remaining length of the project

"Emma is an accomplished and knowledgeable professional with an enviable ability to find innovative solutions and to get projects done."


"Emma’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm stands out above the rest. Her subject matter expertise was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma, and would be delighted to work with her again should a suitable opportunity arise."

NHS Foundation Trust

"Emma is someone who you can give a difficult complex task and she delivers a great outcome! Great personality with a “can do” attitude linked with a thorough knowledge of what best practice looks like. A pleasure to work with!"


"Emma has the rare knack of really getting your support and respect whilst being truly likeable and fun to be around. I loved working with Emma and would highly recommend her to anyone."

Thomas Cook

"Emma has strong, robust knowledge and experience of professional expertise in transformation solutions and service redesign. She delivers learning with an almost insatiable desire to share her knowledge and experience and so contribute to sustainable long-term solutions for the organisation. She is delightful to work with, has an enthusiastic attitude and embraces all the values and behaviours of an excellent professional."

Bracknell Forest Council

"Emma works tirelessly to achieve the overall transformation goals. I have been impressed with her vision, she really does see the bigger picture and I have found her dependable and trustworthy on all occasions. It has been a pleasure working with her and everyone I have spoken to says the same."


"Emma is focused, caring and detail-oriented with her support for the members of the programme and project teams. She creates a welcoming and supportive environment for others."



Why is it a problem for my company if my change programme fails?

First, you will not receive the benefits that you were expecting and that is bound to make an impact. Second, there will be an impact on your staff. If you have been talking about the positive benefits that the change was going to bring, but have then been unable to deliver on those, they may be left feeling that successful positive change will not come to their company. Even if the staff didn’t fully support the original change programme, its failure would cause a deep and sustained blow to corporate morale. This is likely to increase your turnover of staff (particularly the high performing staff) and cause a drop in productivity throughout.


Why is The Inside Job™ better than contracting an Interim?

To be successful when managing change, there needs to be both an understanding of the company (and therefore the context in which the change needs to be successful) and the skills and experience needed to implement change successfully in a variety of different contexts. This allows future issues to be anticipated before they occur, and helps keep the change programme on track when problems arise. Entering into a short-term contract with an Interim Manager may provide the skills and experience but not the understanding of the context of change. The Inside Job provides a complete support service that will complement the internal knowledge and understanding of your nominated staff member, and will upskill them to deliver self-sufficient change and transformation management.


Couldn’t I just send the staff member on a training course?

Most training courses are theoretical, and graduates of these training programmes still need to make a lot of mistakes before they discover how to effectively apply the knowledge they have learned. In addition, most training courses are confined to just one aspect of managing a change programme i.e. project management, change management, programme management. The Inside Job is all about the practical application of knowledge and the development of skills in a variety of complimentary areas. Alongside on-the-job training and coaching, we provide a range of proven methodologies tested in a variety of different sectors globally.


Why trust us with your staff and your change project?

We have a proven track record in delivering successful and sustainable change. We are a highly diverse group of change professionals who specialise in different aspects of change and have worked delivering transformation programmes for companies in many sectors around the globe. We are passionate about transferring our knowledge to our clients’ staff and we have trained, coached and mentored many hundreds of staff. We develop models, methodologies and toolkits to explain our solutions to every client, and when we come up against a problem we work collaboratively with the client to find the right solution

The Transformation Team

The Turnaround Master

Is your programme derailing? This coach’s impartial eyes are focused on a step-by-step return to the right direction

The Global Guru

Need a change around the world? From cultural complexities to complicated business time zones, there is nothing like first-hand international experience

The Workforce Guardian

Without the people, there is no true change. This coach encourages communication, engagement and integration to bring sustainable success 

The Cultural Mastermind

Need to change established ways of behaving? From role models to habit building this coach knows all the steps to cultural success

The Customer Journeyman

Be the customer; Be the product or service. Fixing your customers experience changes everything for your company

The Process Cartographer

Mapping your future process helps you to keep focus on the practical future. This about doing the hard work to make other people's jobs easier

Not sure which combination you need? With The Inside Job™, your team member and your project can access these coaches and many more.

Why use The Inside Job™ over your previous approaches to change management?

  • It builds your in-house capability to deliver change
  • It is cheaper than hiring consultants or interim staff
  • It embeds knowledge transfer more effectively than just providing training alone
  • The expert coaches and mentors will make your project more successful and sustainable
  • It delivers faster change projects with less failures on the journey
  • It provides the guidance required for each step so although it is a lot of knowledge it is never overwhelming
  • It is a deeply practical and pragmatic approach to delivering successful and sustainable change

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