The Oakwood Philosophy

Oakwood’s philosophy is inspired by the oak tree and its ecosystem, which supports thousands of invertebrates, birds and small mammals, whether providing a permanent home or a temporary shelter.

The same is true of a business. It should support those who work there and contribute to its own ecosystem of staff, suppliers and customers, who are all interconnected and interdependent.

The effects of change on a business and its ecosystem can be immense. At Oakwood, we work very hard to ensure that any anxiety and stress are minimised through excellent engagement, mindfulness and commitment. We believe strongly in building individuals’ capabilities through training and coaching, so they can find and sustain their place in the ecosystem.

A Different Kind of Management Consultancy

Our experiences over the years have shown that there is a fundamental need for a different kind of management consultancy in the UK. One that prefers long-term sustainable growth over instant results; one which prioritises enduring client relationships over maximising profit, and which focuses on strengthening the eco-system of a business. We achieve this via three guiding principles, which are at the heart of everything we say and do: simplicity; transparency; effectiveness.

These principles define who are and what we do; they hold us accountable, differentiate us and drive our decision-making and practice. We constantly challenge ourselves to ensure we meet those standards.


It doesn't mean easy, but that we're accessible, clear and efficient.

We use simple language

The most effective change comes when everyone understands what’s required of them and why. We use Plain English to ensure that everything we say and write is accessible to all.

We create a simple view

We break complex information and projects into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces to ensure ease of understanding across teams and at every level of the business.

We use simple processes

We operate as simply as possible, to provide simple solutions, using your time and money efficiently.


We don’t hide our brilliance; we share everything with our trusted clients.

We are transparent on pricing

We will tell you our costs for your project and be clear about how our prices compare to our competitors. You will be in control.

We communicate transparently

We will be clear on progress, the information we hold on you and what we do with that. We will ask for and take great value in your feedback.

We manage projects transparently

Every project we undertake belongs to the client. This means you will receive all the up-to-date details of our design, planning and implementation for use as you see fit.


We’re not satisfied until our clients receive all the benefits they wanted.

It’s not over until you’re happy

We don’t just focus on outputs but outcomes. We measure our success on the benefits achieved for you.

We seek to make ongoing improvements

We share lessons learned and continually improve our own processes to ensure we are as effective as we can be.

We share in your ambition

We want your success. We will strengthen your teams via training in skills and competencies and we will share any new business opportunities that we find.


At Oakwood, we feel incredibly lucky to be paid for doing what we love: making a positive difference to our clients. We also love to make a positive difference to other areas of society, which we do via three different charitable initiatives.

Oakwood enjoys corporate membership of the Woodland Trust. We are proud to be a Hazel member in this year and we are committed to upgrading the level of our corporate membership as our company grows.

We provide heavily-subsidised services to registered charities allowing them to access high-quality change and transformation business solutions that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Each year, we partner with a charity, supporting them with fundraising activities throughout the year. These range from small monthly events to large sponsored challenges entered by some of our internal team.

We invite you to help us maximise our impact by getting involved, introducing us to charities who would like our help, and supporting us with our fundraising.

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